2D Viewport Node Preview UX

I was wondering if there could be an option where double-clicking a node in the graph could show a preview in the 2D view. Currently it opens the node in context.
Previewing seems a tad longer having to right click and select the option for it.

You can click on the output pin (the small gray circle) and it will setup the preview. Will also work the same with input pins.

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Hello @RosenKazlachev and welcome to the community!

There are many ways to preview an output:

  1. click on the input/output pins to view that output (what @alin_tux mentioned)
  2. simply press “V” on the keyboard when the node is seleced
  3. OR do exactly what you want to do, but you first have to enable it in the preferences. I don’t have MAT infront of me, but you can choose in the settings what double-click does: Open the graph or preview the output.

Remapping it in the keybinds did the trick! I must’ve missed it the first time. Thanks!
@alin_tux - clicking the pin is a last resort for me, really :smiley: . I just missed this in the keybinds when looking for it.

I’d like to add a “bug” report when it comes to previewing nodes - at least this is something I would assume would happen when double clicking nodes to get a preview.

When I preview a regular “operational” node, I get a preview as expected. This does not count for export nodes. Here I do have to right click to get a preview. When I double click a local variable (element image) I also do get something different and an asset browser opens. This seems to be intended, but I would expect something different when set explicetly the option to get a preview by double clicking.

Welcome to the community @gestoryscht !

The variables behave different because those are resources, we should probably add another option for those.

The reason that outputs don’t preview as you mention is already being tracked internally, but I’ll escalate the issue!