Additional Viewport Orbit Behaviors: Orbit Around Mouse Cursor

This is a feature request for providing additional viewport navigation behaviors when orbiting around a scene. One option would be that the pivot point for orbiting around a scene in the viewport is based on the position of the mouse cursor. Orbiting behavior could be triggered with RMB instead of the “look around” behavior.


A user could customize viewport navigation behaviors based on their preferences.

Implementation Details

A preset list of behaviors could be selected with a dropdown menu from InstaMAT Studio’s Preferences window.

Would be awesome to have the option to rotate around current mouse cursor location on the model. See 3D Coats implementation and tool tip:

I’d highly recommend people to refer to how 3DCoat handles this.

Basically in 3DCoat you can choose from:

  1. Rotate around the world center, like InstaMat does
  2. Rotate around the pick point. Basically the cursor position, projected onto the mesh surface.
  3. Rotate around the last draw point, which is the last position you painted with a brush tool.
  4. Rotate around a custom point. It has a shortcut to let you put a “pin” on the model and you can rotate the camera around it.

It’s the basic camera control I’ve seen in any DCC.