Automatic remesh/uv/backe/ and layered project

If I understand correctly I can load my highpoly model into a graph element, then use instalod to convert it to lowpoly, then make a Uv and bake the information from the highpoly to the generated lowpoly. I can export all the maps in there lowpoly mesh to a folder and use them in a layer of the project. But I couldn’t do it without saving the mesh and baked maps. tell me how to do it without it? Thank you very much!

Do you want to use the low-poly in a UI-based layering work flow or node based?
If you want to do it node-based, our CEO actually demoed this in the launch party live stream:

It’s at the 2hr 24min mark.

If you want to do it via the UI, you’ll have to create a graph that does that for you and then simply export the mesh to use for layering! Layering has a baker built-in so all you need is the low-poly, not the baked meshes.

I am talking about the fact that it would be good to save the file immediately in the lowpoly project, as it works with materialize, there the original images are immediately saved and we can use them immediately in the layered project, and here we have to save the mesh, if it works procedurally and does not depend on the mesh, where we can change it and all our changes will remain as the CEO said that the volume around the mesh is generated, this is procedural, so why not automate it and such) thank you!

Indeed, this will be available soon. However, we want to do more here such as calculating normals and healing the topology. Stay tuned!