Bake Error - Mesh Baking

Good Morning!

i got a bake error
ERROR: Material index=0 not available in mesh materials, will ignore.

he also is asking for a Cage Mesh- i usually dont work with a cage mesh

good morning! I also got a similar error yesterday, switching to CPU baking solved it.

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Welcome to the community @Daniel and @shateiel.

Thanks for chiming in here @shateiel , that’s really helpful!

You don’t need to use a cage-mesh, the baker will use the target mesh normals if no cage is specified.

InstaMAT’s bakers can perform color transfer so they typically want materials on the source-mesh. I think we’ve hit an edge-case here, can your source and target mesh so we can look into this? It should take us long to fix it.

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sure… (1.8 MB)

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Thank you @Daniel . I was able to reproduce the issue and I’m sure it will be fixed in the next release. I could reproduce this for both the CPU and the GPU baker!

I have created a ticket, we’re tracking this as IG-3694.

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I have investigated this mesh a bit further. It appears that no material was assigned to the mesh before exporting it. MAT requires a material on the target mesh as your material assignments are used to create the respective material stacks. Loading the mesh into InstaLOD Studio and it creates an “InvalidMat0” material assignment:

What tool was used to export the mesh?

cinema 4d r23- didnt have any issues baking this in marmo/substance fyi
not a problem to assign a material :slight_smile:

That’s interesting! They probably don’t care about material IDs, for MAT it’s a bit different as there’s a whole architecture on top of your scene material data. But I’m certain it’s going to be not a problem for MAT in the next update.

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