Blender Addon "Use GLTF as Export Format" Error


I’m using Blender 4.0.2 and InstaLOD for Blender from 08/06/2023, if I enable the option “Use GLTF as Export Format”, then on any operation I get the following error, no matter the type of operation or setting:

What should I do?

Thanks for the help in advance!

Hello @svarmony and welcome to our community!

I’ve raised your issue internally and will provide more information when it becomes available.


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Hello @svarmony,

I have checked internally and the integrations team is aware of the issue. A fix will be implemented in the next update.


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Awesome! Thank you very much! Is it possible to give an estimate when it will be released?

You’re welcome! :smiling_face: Unfortunately it is not possible to give an estimate at this time.