Brush Feedback // Questions // Missing options

Ok, I´m making a seperate post for this, even though I already gave some feedback on this on a different post.

The brush customization is already pretty powerful, since you can use graph elements for this.
I´m not sure how performant this is for more complicated graphs, I only tried some very simple ones, like anisotropic noise for some basic brush stroke" type effects.

  1. Custom brushes
    Picking brushes is confusing as hell, as there are different categories for alpha presets and brush element presets, they are not in the same place as all the other options on the right, but in the asset browsing window on the left, its unclear how to get them into the brush (dragging and dropping them where exactly?) in the first place.
    Its not clear exactly how to create new presets, after having customized a brush (I customized and alpha brush, but then I was only able to save the layers brush, but not able to reload it in another layer).

Some of that can be fixed with an updated documentation, going into more detail, some of it maybe should better be adressed in the UI.

Like, just the simple process of picking an alpha texture is kind of convoluted: Finding the button, figuring out where to get the image (do you need to preload all alpha textures into the package first?).

  1. Missing brush types
    We definitely need a cloning brush, someone mentiond “nudge” or “smear” as some more typical brushes you´d need for hand painting textures.
    Oh, and a blur brush would of course be sort of mandatory…Or, ideally, a modifier like clicking shift while painting in Zbrush.

  2. Missing brush modifiers
    I really miss an option to drag out a texture in the view, similar to using a decal, just by using a brush, same as in zbrush/blender.
    I´d also like the “airbrush” scattering efffect to be a bit more customizable, the area of scattering is a bit limited, if you want to create pretty fine but large spray for example.
    Also there seem to be no option for randomizing the hue/color per flow step/scatter.

  3. Limited Library
    I know this is the very beginning, but the current library of brush presets is pretty limited.
    Especially for people starting out now, its a lot of manual work to build you own brush templates, I think thats an area where the people who know the ins and outs of the tool could probably work out more templates a lot faster…:slight_smile:

  4. Auto masking by cavity.
    Not sure if thats something more people would miss, I feel like its kind of a handy feature in Blender to have auto-cavity masking available when sculpting.
    Since the cavity mask could be baked on import anyways, it would be neat to have that than available as a brush modifier, instead of having to manually applying it to a mask.

  5. Normal painting
    Not directly Brush related, but since you HAVE multichannel brushes and CAN paint normals while painting color for example, I´ll have to admit I don´t quite understand it yet.
    I just played around it for a bit, but I couldn´t figure out how to get the normal paint to simply look like its being added like a relief, when painting, or like indentions.
    People coming from substance probably know this, but for people like me, an introduction to multichannel brushes in general and how to use them would also be useful.

Again, just some feedback and nothing of urgency here, as voidberg meantioned in my other post: A lot of these can probably be adressed with more in depth documentation and some stuff is just not available yet.

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