Brush management?

It seems like in InstaMat, “brush” is a concept that only exists as a list of properties of a Multi-Channel Brush Layer?

Is it possible to save all these properties (and the brush tip mask) as a brush preset, so I can easily use the same brush next time? Just like… uh, any other painting software does.

I’ve found the answer: it’s called “Paintbrush template”:

However there is a bug. When I select a templalte from the library, this brush preview:


is not updated properly. Even if the brush itself works, the preview is bugged.

Thanks @raincole for your post.

I’m glad you were able to locate the Paintbrush category in the MAT Library panel. Brush templates can be created by right clicking an Element Brush Layer or Multi-Channel Brush Layer in the Layer Stack and choosing Add to Library as 'Brush Template'. To reuse the template, create a new brush layer and double click the template in the MAT Library panel to load its settings.

Additionally, this functionality was recently demonstrated in one of our latest YouTube videos on how to create an overgrown riverbed material. It demonstrates the creation of a custom brush template, how to add it to the library, and how to reuse it on a new Multi-Channel Brush Layer. This section can be found at 17:75 of the video.

Regarding the brush preview, thanks for mentioning! I will report this internally.

Thanks! :blush: