BUG: Brush resizing with Pen and touch

So, I´m using a convertible laptop together with a pen in the evenings.

it might just be a limitation of that combo or the fact that I´m using pen and touch.
But it might also be a bug:

When using mouse+left ctrl/right ctrl+dragging in the viewport, resizing/flow control of the brush works fine.
When using the pen instead, the resizing doesn´t work correctly:

  1. If I resize holding ctrl and then touching the screen with the pen, the resizing seems to react to the pressure as well and it can´t be made precise.
    When I hold ctrl and only HOVER over the screen, I can precisely resize, but I don´t see the brush in the viewport resizing, only in the righthand brush panel.
  2. If I wanna control flow/opacity and map right click to my pens barrel button, I can´t change it that way at all.

Might be a fringe case/hardware related and not relevant for most users, I´ll try and see if I can test it with my wacom instead tomorrow and I´ll report back if that also has the same issue.

Thanks for posting. It would be great to know the results of your testing with your Wacom pen to narrow down if it’s a software/hardware issue.

Can confirm, same happens with wacom pen/different workstation.
Makes it really difficult to work with pen right now.
If its a bug related to the other issues, would be great to fix.
I actually like the simplicity of Ctrl+drag or ctrl right click and drag for resizing/flow, but I´m sure other people with tablets might prefer different hotkeys for that so they could assign it to their tablets wheel for example and it may not be possible to disable sensitivity just for the brush control with ctrl.

I think this might be an incompatible configuration in your wacom settings. It’s working on the wacom tablets I just tested, and on the iPad Pro used as tablet.

Hm, thats possible.
Just to clarify: Is the viewport Size of the brush NOT changing when you hold ctrl and simply press your pen on the tablet/screen?
Like I said: When I use my mouse, I have to ctrl,L click AND drag the mouse to change the brush size, when I use the pen, the pressure of the pen ALSO controls the size.
I don´t have that issue in other apps, but they use different ways for scaling brush etc.

It does work for me in the same way it does with the mouse. I’ve also mapped CTRL/ALT to the action buttons on the tablet, so I can quickly resize etc.

It does sound like your tablet sends some additional commands.

On a side note, there are brush dynamics that make the size or flow etc. dependant on pressure or tilt.

Hm, ok, time for some troubleshooting then…

Ok, just an addition:
Can´t get it to work the same as with mouse, my workaround right now is:
Assign right and left click to the wacom pens barrel buttons and then instead of CTRL+CLICKING in the tablet, use the left click/right click on the pan while hovering over the tablet, that allows me to resize the brush correctly in the viewport.
Unfortunatlly I can´t get the visual feedback for changing flow strength this way, which I do see when using the mouse instead.

I can consistently reproduce this, but ONLY when pressure sensitivity is enabled.

I also keep getting error messages in the log, maybe these help determining whats going on?

The error messages are curious! What’s the action that causes them?

Are you on a Mac or Windows machine? I tried to repro this on a Mac.

Windows 10 and windows 11. The error message starts popping up as soon as I use the pen I think.

That’s curious! Does it also happen in the “Crate Template” project?