BUG: Can´t paint in viewport with mouse after using pen

Not really sure wether thats a bug, but after painting in the viewport with my pen and then putting the pen aside, I can´t paint in the viewport with the mouse anymore.
Another thing I´ll have to try with my wacom again, as it might be related to the touchscreen I used to test this with.
Doesn´t seem to happen if I only use the mouse.
Also got some “tablet even received without pen in proximity” yellow warning, so might be related to that.

Thanks for posting. It would be great to know the results of your testing with the Wacom table with this behavior as well.

Can confirm this also happens with non-touch screen and wacom pen/tablet

Thanks for the report! I think we track that issue internally but have not yet been able to reliably reproduce.

I can try to figure out if I can reliably reproduce it.
I´m a bit afraid to change the wacom settings/drivers on my workstation right now, as its working for all other stuff.
But I ordered another pen yesterday, the one I use on my laptop has been bugging me in several ways already.

What Pen are you using on ipad?

And can you share what tablet API InstaMat uses, so I can maybe troubleshoot that specifically on my side?

It only starts happening after activating brush sensitivity. Also happens on any new multibrush layer I then add, does´t happen on other types of layers of course, that don´t use a brush.

Does it happen every time for you?

Yes it happens every time.