Bug: Crash when assigning Image Resources to Multi-Channel Inputs in the Layer Editor

Looks like the UDIM workflow is broken, cannot assign a texture to a udim mesh without crashing.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load in a mesh with multiple UDIM Tiles
  2. Add multichannel Layer
  3. Assign texture for any channel.
  4. Crash.

Additional info:
At first I thought only UDIM Tiles other than 1001 were affected, because I loaded in a previous project, that already had a texture assigned.
But then I started fresh and now every texture I want to assign crashes it.



The crash only occurs when drag and dropping an image from the package or the library directly onto the channel.
It doesn´t crash when picking the image through the pick button.

Thanks for surfacing this @insertmesh . I was able to reproduce this for both UDIM and multi-layer projects. I’ll escalate this internal as urgent, it’s possible that we might release a hotfix if there’s no workaround possible.