BUG: Delete a baked texture in a package then can't open a layering project

  1. Create a layering project.
    1.1 Copy Mesh to Package can be either.
    1.2 Run Create a project without a template..
  2. Execute Mesh Baking.
    2.1 Enable Store Result in Package.
    2.2 Execute Bake.
  3. Delete the baked textures in Assets/Images/ in the Package window.
  4. It crashes when you try to add an element layer to the layer project you created
    4.1 I tried it with Acoustic Foam.
  5. Between 3 and 4, if the project is saved, just opening this project will crash. (but, can open the package.)

Thanks for the report @Rapilias !

We have found this issue already, it happens when the texture was referenced in the project. It’s fixed already internally and will be working properly in the upcoming build.