Cage Meshes causing Bake Errors using "By Mesh Name" Targeting Mode

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I have not been able to get a successful bake without errors in a Layer project when using a file containing cage meshes. The target .fbx file contains 11 meshes with the suffix “_low” and a polycount of 5,638 tris, along with 11 corresponding cage meshes inside the same file with the suffix “_cage”. The source mesh has 11 meshes with the suffix “_high” and 12.9 million tris total, but I also tried a 6.9 million decimated version, both having the same result when baking via the “By Mesh Name” targeting mode.

To me, it appears as if the cage meshes, which are sitting directly on top of their corresponding low-poly counterparts, are being baked as separate meshes rather than being utilized as cage meshes.

Please let me know if this is a possible bug or if I am just doing something wrong with the setup

Hello @TheFifthSardonyx and thank you for your post.

Are you able to provide the files or the InstaMAT Package to test with? If you do not wish to share it publicly you could send it with a PM.


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Thank you, @Pixby ! I am sending you a Google Drive link to the .fbx files via PM.

Disclaimer: I’m aware that the window frames would need further “exploding” to achieve a “technically” error-free bake in the normal map, but “visually” it still bakes error-free in Blender (since errors occur only at non-visible geometry intersections).

Thanks @TheFifthSardonyx! I have received the file.

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Hello again @TheFifthSardonyx,

I have been able to reproduce the baking errors when using the cage meshes, however when removing them I’m able to get a much cleaner bake. (Aside from some overlapping UVs on the “Main” material :smile:). I will bring this up internally so that we can further investigate the cage mesh behavior.

Thanks again for reaching out and I’ll provide more information once it becomes available!

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Oops, you beat me to it… thank you. I will check on those UVs, I noticed the same thing after baking without a cage mesh.

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I’ve fixed those UVs and updated the link accordingly, in case you still need the files for internal testing. Baking without any cage meshes produces a much better result than I thought it would, so I’m happy I can at least move forward with the project. :smile: Thank you again for all your help and your sharp eye!

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Awesome @TheFifthSardonyx that looks great! So glad we were able to help and that you can continue with your project. :blush: You’re very welcome! I’d love to see the finished result someday!

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