Cannot find/run Insta LOD pipeline


I’m very new to this software and I’m struggling to install it. What I am hoping to do is install the blender plugin so that I can bake a google earth texture into the mesh so that I may export it as a mesh to rhino.

However I currently cannot find the InstaLOD Pipeline to link it so that it will actually work in blender. I cannot seem to find the run option or it isn’t quite clear where I can find the folder that it requires to link it in blender.

Can anyone help?

Hello @WJKAY and welcome to our community!

May I ask if you have a Pioneer license?


I have the same issue and have a Pioneer license. InstaLOD Cloud gives me the download links for 6 integrations, but without any link to download the InstaLOD Pipeline needed to use them

The DCC tool integrations are not included with an InstaLOD Pioneer license. Pioneers have access to InstaLOD’s integrations for game engines such as InstaLOD for Unity and InstaLOD for UE which is why InstaLOD Pipeline is not available. As a workaround, you can use InstaLOD Studio and export the processed meshes then import them into your DCC application. Alternatively, starting with an InstaLOD Seat license (node-locked), all DCC tool plugins are supported and the InstaLOD Pipeline download is enabled.

This was discussed recently on our Discord server. InstaLOD for Blender requires InstaLOD Pipeline. You can read the discussion here if you’d like to take a look: