Chinese users need Chinese language

I don’t know if the developer has any intention of adding other languages. I can provide language assistance.

We have the intention to do that. In the next version, we’re going to ship with a machine-translated UI for the following languages:

Keep in mind that parameters and documentation texts will remain english as those are dynamic!

Maybe you can provide a translation interface for users to translate by themselves. Machine translation is generally inaccurate.

I agree, do you have a tool that you can recommend? I can propose it internally then!

As far as I know, you use the qt framework to develop software. The qt framework provides very open language customization.

Indeed, I mean from the technical side MAT is fully localizable and will ship with localization in the next update. However, I’m more inquiring about a good way to enable translators to contribute. We need some kind of review/approve workflow.

A service used for translation workflows that I sometimes see is , but I am not sure if it is the best solution for InstaMAT.
(I am Japanese, but I suffered a bit from the machine-translated text introduced in this update and have reverted the language back to English.)

Additional: However, the translation of the text was of a certain quality and the majority of the content could be read without problems, with only a few words appearing odd.