Cleaner Brush interface/Tab

The Brush interface is currently split up over two tabs.
Its also a bit confusing with the naming and it would be nice to be able to pick a brush preset directly from within the brush tab.


The Brush UI as it is isn´t as user friendly as it could be, particularily considering
most people who really need it will be less technical artists and depend more on visual cues. It als makes for some clicks having to switch back and forth between tabs while painting

Implementation Details

1. Naming
Its confusing to have the type of the layer, “Multi channel layer brush”, in large displayed and then right under that “Default brush”.
It would be better I think to have just the name of the layer displayed on the layer tab (and make the description editable instead of displaying tooltp style information that users may only need in the beginning, so we could comment the layer this way)
And then display the name of the brush on top of the brush settings Tab.

If you just created the layer yourself, you already know what type it is and if you are looking at somebody elses layerstack, it would be easier to have a specific Icon displayed besides the layer in the layerstack and the comment about what this layer does (or nothing if not specified).

2. The Settings for the brush should al be accessible from ONE tab.

It would be more convenient and less confusing to have access to all brush relevant settings on ONE tab, instead of having to switch back and forth between the layers tab and the brush settings tab.

3. Presets should be easier to access.

Its a bit unclear how to access the brush templates or how to save a new one.
Dragging the brush from the asset browser to the left (where they are also hidden in a folder) into the layer itself isn´t very intuitive and didn´t seem logical.

I was looking for a “save” or “Load” button and I clicked on the brush image itself for quite a while, before I realized you have to click on the name “Default brush” to open the templates.
But then of course it doesn´t show you the paint brush templates, it only shows you the mask brush templates.

So, at the top of the brush settings, I´d like to have an image button that opens up all the paint brush templates, I´d like the ability to change the name of the brush and then save it as a new one with a “save as preset” button right at the top.
Below would be the mask settings, again, with the ability to just click on the alpha image to pick a different alpha.
Under that the alpha settings (vignette, contrast etc) and their settings.
And then below that the graph parameters, if you loaded a graph brush.
Underneath that we would then have the existing brush settings with settings for spacing, stroke type etc.
The Brush dynamcis settings are a bit fiddly to adjust, instead of having them in a dropdown menu, I´d prefer to have them side to side, so I could quickly switch between them.
Maybe an overall “dynamics on/off” switch would also help, to quickly dynamics off with one click, instead of having to turn all of then on/off one at a time.
Ideally that would only turn them off, if you´d turn that switch back on, ONLY the previously turned on subsettings would turn on again.

4. Dockable UI elements

This is sort of a different feature request, but in the future I´d love to be able to configure where I have all my brush and layer settings:

-Maybe let me have a separate window JUST for all my brush/alpha/mask presets, that I can have open at all time to quickly pick what I want.
-Maybe have a separate window on ONE side for just the layer stack and the channels section and then another separate window with JUST the brush settings on the other side of the viewport
-Maybe combine the brush templates and the brush settings into one tab (or window) and the layers and channels in another tab (or window).

Thanks @insertmesh for your feature request!