Color space mismatch with normal maps

Color space mismatch with normal maps.

This may be more of a blender issue then a Instamat issue. I am creating normal maps for trim sheets in blender and then using Instamat to add grunge/wear, edge wear, and AO. and then I combine the height based grunge normal with the normal that I made in blender. The issue is that I cannot get rid of a color space error where the normal based nodes want the normal map in a linear color space, but i can’t get it to work even if the normal is in a linear color space, and Instamat does some processing in the make material node on the exported normal map that makes it unusable.

Like I said at the start it may be more of a blender issue then an instamat issue but any help would be appreciated.

for the record my color management export setting are:

view transform: Raw.
look: none
exposure: 0
Gamma: 1

sequencer non-color

Hello @ArchaboldHarriate and welcome to our community!

When importing a normal map into an Element graph, the properties for the ElementImage variable can be adjusted to determine the color space for the image data.

This can be done by selecting the ElementImage node for your normal map in the graph, then opening the Graph Variable Editor on the right and changing the color space to Linear from the Color Space drop down menu.

CleanShot 2024-02-28 at 08.18.46

MAT is also aware of semantics. If your variable’s colorspace is set to auto and your name implies a texture map that is in linear color space it will be adopted; e.g. “Normal” or “MeshID”

This is actually what I rely on most!

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