Comments for Built-in nodes

I wanted to ask, if it possible for the team to add comments to built-in nodes.
I wanted to take a closer look at the Cracks Organic node but it’s not that easy to follow.
Just 3-4 comments would be great to decypher it better and learn from it.

I did take a look at the node documentation (InstaMAT Node Reference and Library Documentation - InstaMAT) though it doesn’t seem to offer more info than I can find inside InstaMat already.

Thanks for reading!

Hello @Ikxi and welcome to our community.

Thank you very much for your post. I will mention this internally.

In the meantime do you have any particular questions regarding the Cracks Organic node that we might be able to answer here?


Thank you very much for taking it into consideration!
I’ll try to figure it out myself for now. If I can’t do it, I’ll come back and ask :slight_smile:

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