Copy nodes to clipboard as code

Copy nodes to clipboard as text or code similar to Unreal Engine’s Blueprint implementation. In UE, you can copy + paste selected nodes or the entire graph as code and either upload to Blueprints | Page 1 | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine, pastebin, a text file, or share in chat programs as a code block.


Another way of sharing either simple or complex node setups without having to share the entire project. You can quickly share portions of a graph without having to create a separate project containing just those nodes.

Implementation Details

Nodes would need to resolve to InstaMAT readable code when copying.

Copying a node would generate code with attributes for example NodePosX, NodePosY, NodeID, PinIDs, and LinkedTo to represent what it is, its position, and where it connects to.

The InstaMAT graph would then read this code upon pasting.

Thanks @Dragonsleeve for your feature request!

Absolutely support! Over time, we’ve accumulated many nodes. When I want to put all these nodes into one package, the current operation only relies on “save as project copy,” but this is very inefficient. If we could implement this copying feature, my requirement would become very simple!

Hello @CX1. I wanted to mention that you can add a vote to a feature request by clicking the Vote button at the top of the thread to show interest.


I don’t have anymore vote …

Thanks for mentioning @CX1. The amount of available votes has been increased so you should be able to vote on more features.