Custom Heigt & Width Export

Is it possible to export custom texture resolutions?

When you work with Unreal Engine Landscape Layer Weightmaps you need other pixel resolution, depending on your landscape resolution.
2017x2017 how can i do this?
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How can i export a 8bit greayscale texture?

Btw the color to mask node is super fast :slight_smile: awesome!

That’s an interesting workflow!

Currently, through the UI, we can only export fixed resolutions that are “power of two”. However, there’s a way you can make MAT using a custom resolution.

Simply add a “Resample” node right before you assign your output. Enable the “Absolute Size” checkbox and type in what you like. If you have a weird aspect, you might get best result using 8x MSAA as “Filtering Mode”. Check it out below.

If you then export the graph, you’ll get your custom size!