Cycle Channels backwards?

Coming from Painter, I ask myself if there already is a way to cycle through PBR channels backwards in the 3D viewport. We can cycle through channels forwards: Base Color ->Roughness->Metalness->… with the C key already, but not: Base Color-> AO->Height->…

This feels hindering when wanting to do quick comparison between channels, as you often have to cycle through the maps again to return to a particular channel.

In Painter, you can cycle back and forth between PBR channels using C to cycle forward and Shift+C to cycle backwards. Other software like Quixel use number keys to directly select a certain channels. Both has it’s charm, but being only able to cycle through channels one way feels a bit limiting and unnecessary time consuming when it adds up.

But maybe it exists already and I am not knowing the shortcut?

Hello @Hardev,

Currently it is only possible to cycle through channels in one direction however you could create a feature request in the InstaMAT > Feature Requests channel. Please be sure to follow the Feature Request post template. It is provided when a new post is made in that category.


Indeed, that’s a great FR! I think Shift+C would make sense as well!

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