Difference Normal and NormalDirect

When exporting my textures I have two options for normals.
Normal and NormalDirect, is there any reason why I would chose one over the other?
My texture will be used in Unity 3D.

In Unity, both set to Normal will look like so:



Hello @garry3d and thank you for your post! I’ll reply with more info once it becomes available.


Hello again @garry3d!

The NormalDirect output will include any information assigned directly to a Normal channel for a layer. The Normal output will include the composited Normal information from the project such as any baked normal map info, height to normal, and directly assigned normal data to the channel.

Hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions!


I see, this is pretty cool, as I just learned today, using a height map in Unity makes for really funky edges.
But when having the height map inside the normal map I can get rid of the height map in the material and everything looks great.

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