Dissolve a Node (Delete without Severing the Connection)

I would like to be able to delete a node in a chain without disconnection the previous one from the next one. Just like Ctrl + X (Dissolve) in Blender.


Uhm … it saves time?

Implementation Details

Have a shortcut that deletes a middle node between two nodes with same data type. For example, I have three grayscale nodes. Let me delete the middle one and have the graph automatically connect the upstream output to downstream input of the preexisting nodes.

Thanks a lot for considering this feature. :slight_smile:

Total agreement with this, was going to post my own Feature Request for it even. Substance Designer allows you to “Backspace” for this type of functionality, and “Delete” to outright remove the entire connection.

It is becoming a little tedious to test a node, realize it’s not what I wanted and then have to delete it and re-connect the noodle.

Hoping this gets implemented! :pray:

Hello @DKNSDSGN thanks for posting your feature request.

Same here, hard to believe this is an oversight when everything else is so extremely well thought :smile:

I would actually prefer the BACKSPACE key tho, which is the one most Substance Designer users are accustomed to. Of course, a customizable hotkey would be best.