Does it support skinnedMesh export?

I have a glb file containing skinnedMesh (this is how threejs calls it, which should be what you describe as Skeletal Meshes), it is part of the avatar such as hands, hair, etc. I successfully reduced its faces using instaLOD, but when loading this glb later on, it becomes a Mesh, causing the animation to not play. I want to know if exporting skinnedMesh is supported and if so, what should I do? (67.5 KB)

Hello @ringcrl and welcome to our community!

At the moment InstaLOD does not have skeletal mesh support for GLTF files. I can however provide you with a workaround.

To process a skeletal mesh from a GLTF file:

  1. Export the mesh as an FBX file from your DCC tool
  2. Import the FBX into InstaLOD Studio
  3. Process the mesh
  4. Export as FBX from InstaLOD Studio
  5. Import into DCC tool
  6. Export as GLTF from DCC tool