Eable to add pen paramter for brush graph

I would like to map a parameter from an Element to one of the brush dynamics settings when painting in a Layering project.


It would be great to be able to paint variations of a pattern by adjusting the pressure, tilt, or rotation of the pen on a tablet.

Implementation Details

My suggestion is to be able to add an expression to a parameter value that uses key words such as “pressure”.

For example: 5 + pressure * 3 to the Count parameter for the petals.


Hello @freeking.

I have modified your original post to include more information detailing your feature request. Please be sure to provide enough information so that others are able to understand your request otherwise the post will be removed.


need a variable that can transfer the pen‘s dynamic info like position ,pressure,and the ui input can eval the expression that contain the variable .
as a new one ,i dont how to achieve this function. but in houdini we can wirte some expression in the input.

that is in houdini.
when in instamat: flower.cout = int(5+pressure*3) so that pen can controll the flower

The concept was discussed internally while developing the paint engine. Re-executing an Element for a brush as input for each brush application is unrealistic to do in real-time as it might be a complex execution, like a material.

However, you can already control brush parameters like the rotate in your example via brush-dynamics.