Exporting Media for only one operation

I have a profile I created where I processing a high-poly mesh down to game-engine quality. Since the mesh has multiple submeshes (and materials), I have 3 (Optimize) operations that preserve the existing materials but simplify the geometry for LOD0 - LOD3. But for the 4th LOD, I am using (Remesh) to bake a new material at 512x512 resolution that merges all the materials into a single set of textures. I don’t want to embed the materials from the Optimize operations because they are trim sheets used by multiple models (and I don’t want to duplicate these in the FBXs I’m exporting). However, I do want to output the 512x texture that gets baked in the Remesh step.

My problem is that I cannot find a way to control which operations will output media into the FBX. It seems that I either have to export everything (including the 2048x textures from the trim sheets) or I have to run the Remesh as a separate profile entirely. Is there a way to only have the remesh step produce exportable media?


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Unfortunately, textures cannot be embedded into an FBX file on a per-mesh-operation basis because textures are not embedded during mesh processing but when exporting the scene. Additionally, the FBX SDK provides only one global flag for embedding textures, which means that either all textures are embedded into an FBX file or none.

As a workaround, you can export the remeshed geometry into a separate file by selecting the mesh and navigating to File > Export Selection.

In case you need all LOD levels in the same file, you can disable the Embed Media option and configure InstaLOD to directly output baked textures into the required folder (see screenshot below).