Feature Request: Alt + MMB = pan in Canvas

To add to SonK’s Alt + RMB = zoom request. Similarly most 3D apps also use MMB or Alt + MMB to pan around. Perhaps this can be implemented in MAT too?

In an ideal world these would be configurable in settings because it is hard to please everyone. Personally I find Houdini bindings to be the most intuitive. They use same bindings for both the viewport and the node editor:

Alt + LMB = rotate
Alt + MMB = pan
Alt + RMB = zoom

I can see MMB pan already works in MAT 3D viewport but not in Canvas :frowning:

Thanks for the suggestion! It’s noted, we’re working on more shortcuts and viewport features already.

Just watched the fresh CEO state-of-MAT stream on YT. I must say I find these periodic fixes & new features live streams super useful. Please keep em coming!

There was a mention about Alt+mouse for viewport so I naturally jumped to pull the latest build v1.4 to give it a try. And it does works as expected, thank you guys!

However in Canvas only the Alt+RMB zoom function has been added but not the Alt+MMB for panning (the subject of this topic ^). Which makes it inconsistent, you must always remember that in Viewport you pan with Alt+MMB but in Canvas pan with Alt+LMB.

Also no Alt+mouse input in dope sheet panel.

I think these basic navigation functions must be consistent across all views like in other DCC apps where the same input method works for viewports, graphs, dope sheets etc. If any content can be rotated then it is Alt+LMB, if it can be panned then it is Alt+MMB, if can be zoomed then Alt+RMB. It works universally across all UI so you don’t have to distract trying to remember how to navigate in each specific pane.

Any chance for this being implemented?


There’s always a chance for more features :slight_smile: I think it’s best to create a post in our “Feature Request” category and have people vote on it.

Interesting. I was able to move my other topic “LMB = select in Canvas” to Feature Request category by simply going to Edit and picking a category from drop down box. But can’t repeat the same for this particular topic. For whatever reason it is not showing Edit option for this one :frowning:

Guess I’ll just create a new thread then…

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