Feature Request: Auto Expand Parameters on a Node in the Canvas

This is a feature request to automatically expand the parameters of a node in the Canavs when hovering over the “Expand” button.


The back and forth movement of the mouse from the node canvas to the parameters panel is disruptive to the art iteration process

Implementation Details

When you hover over this button, have a preference to autoexpand the parameters. You can then adjust the parameter you want to adjust inline, then collapse it again on hover off, or when enter is pressed.


Re: Auto Expand Parameters I wanted to mention that there is a hotkey which allows you to expand the parameters of a node which is Shift + Spacebar.

Thanks for sharing those @arvinmoses

I think we need to break those up into individual posts @Pixby , otherwise it’s hard to vote on.

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@arvinmoses I have broken up your requests into separate posts to make it easier for others to vote on them. I have also altered the format of your original post to fit the feature request post template.

There is a nice UX already implemented for this request @arvinmoses .

Simply drag a connection and hover over the button and wait, and like Pixby mentioned, you can select the node and press Shift + Spacebar.

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