Feature Request: Bezier Curve node

Hi there!
I’ve been using the Bezier Curve node quite a lot recently, the node is a really time saver and super user friendly, nice job!

I have a couple of things in mind that could make it even better I think

A rotate option would be great, we can mirror shapes but some times it needs some more adjustments

And more tricky idea to implement I guess, beeing able to create multiple separated shapes inside a single bezier node and beeing able to assign them different grayscale values, like IDs.


Hello @RobinRebiere and welcome to the community!

Both ideas are great! I think both the rotation and the IDs are worth doing. I think the IDs could be done by adding a floodfill output to the Bezier Curve node - that would be awesome :smiley:

I’ve created tasks to track those!