Feature Request - Custom slots for material transform & native atlas packer


currently I am evaluating InstaMAT and it seems very promising and just to leave some kind words - I would like to thank the team behind it. So far, really great work! Wasn’t so hyped for a program for a long time.

But now to my feature request.

  1. As a guy who does foliage for games I like to pack my foliage with nodes into an atlas. I tried to do this with the material transform node but I do miss some inputs - especially custom ones. The most important one would be having one for the opacity/mask channel, but I would also like to transform special ones like a 2D distance field texture or some others like translucency or masks in general.
    So my request would be, to add a default opacity input (that also reads as a mask when previewed) and the possibility to add custom channels.

  2. Not a real feature request, more like a extension for the library, but having native nodes for packing foliage (atlases) in general would be nice :slight_smile:

Anyway. Keep up the good work.

Best regards,


Thanks for the kind words @gestoryscht , I have shared it with the team :slight_smile:

  1. We’re working on adding both Opacity and Mask channels to the material nodes, it’s a larger refactor so it might be a while until we support it in all nodes. But in the meantime, you can also simply change the mode of your node to PBR Principled:

    Then you can “abuse” some of the additional inputs

  2. We do have tasks to create a densely packed atlas for materials, we didn’t get it done for release though. But we do have some material atlas nodes already. The extract node allows you to extract a material atlas image that is not grid, but densely packed!