Feature Request: Delete Layer Group/Folder

Came across a workflow for context sensitive menus that would be helpful.


Currently, when you RMB over a layer group in a layering project, you only get the option to Delete. This deletes the entire folder and any elements or masking you set up inside that Layer Group. The current work around is to manually drag each element out of the Layer Group and then delete the folder.


It would be useful to have a Delete Layer Group or Delete Layer Folder as a context sensitive menu with RMB so that the folder is deleted and all elements inside are pulled back out and placed in the layer stack while maintaining hierarchy.

I am insanely thankful for the Abstract team creating the Layer Group setting the way they have. Traditional 2D apps follow this same setup where you can select all your layers you want in a group, click the folder button, and it places everything in the layer group while maintaining hierarchy. Other 3D painting apps do not allow this at all, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you all structured the software to follow these layer group creation rules. It is a HUGE time and frustration saver. Having the functionality of deleting the group/folder alone would be a welcomed benefit during layering projects.

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Thanks @skrawnybynature for your feature request! I have moved it into the InstaMAT/Feature Requests category and slightly adjusted the format to match the Feature Request template.

Also thanks for the positive feedback about layer groups! That’s very nice to hear! :blush:

By the way, now that it’s in the Feature Requests category, users can add votes to the feature to show interest!