Feature Request: Improve Texture Baker - Select UV channel + skew correction

Hi guys,

still evaluating and I found a problem with baking my stuff.
The two major problems, beside transferring textures, are handling UV channels and skew correction for the baker.

Select UV channel
Usually my lowpoly models come with a set of UV channels. In my case, the second channel is always to be used for all the unique baked textures. The first channel is used for tiling textures, that is scaled to match the texel density. So the first channel isn’t made for baking.
As of right now, I have to export a version of the model for baking and one for the engine later. It would be desirable to not have multiple fbx of the same models in my project structure.

Skew correction
Not a lot to say about it. Would be nice to have skew correction for baked textures. The solution that is offered by Marmoset would personally fit my needs (paint directly on the mesh), but I could also imagine having the skew correction that is offered by Substance Designer for better scalability/batch baking.

Hello @gestoryscht,

Can I clarify if these are feature requests for InstaMAT or InstaLOD? They are currently in the InstaLOD category and just want to be sure. Also, if you are making a feature request, please adjust the formatting of your post to match the feature request template. You can find the template by creating a new post in the InstaMAT > Feature Requests category or here.

Ups, sorry. Yes, this is for InstaMat.
The site had some hickups and I did not double checked it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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