Feature Request: Process material input maps in Layered Paint mode

Hi, it would be nice to be able to apply a custom element graph to the Inputs in Layered Painting projects.


In this example I have slope-blurred the curvature and exported it to a file, then re-imported that and replaced the curvature in the project. Which means I need to re-export and re-import any time I make changes to the bake or the blur settings.

For example, you could use this to blur/distort a curvature map to roughen up the edges a little bit.

This can sort of be achieved (thanks Pixby for showing me how to do this!) by creating a custom graph and setting the input/output names to the corresponding channels. For example, I could create a custom graph with a “Mesh Mask Builder” and then some slope blurs. This is great! But this means I would need to do this for every mask/effect I am using, if a different effect used the curvature for something it would not pick up my blurred version.

Implementation Details

Suggestion would be to change the “material selection” to also have a little “graph” button next to the little pencil icon that would create an empty graph with just one ElementImage input and ElementImageOutput that then the user could modify to put extra processing nodes in there.

Some examples of what this could be used for:

  • Paint out weirdness in baked maps (in a Mesh paint Node), or paint in extra edges where actual curvature was sort of weak.
  • Distort a Mesh ID map to break up material edges
  • Slope-blur a curvature map to add more dents and scratches.
  • Use a scatter on the Mesh ID to add extra rocks or bolts that weren’t actually in the model

If this was implemented, you might also way a way to “bypass” the processing sometimes and just use the raw masks. Perhaps a button on the projection options panel? But I think this would be a lot less common, and I would much rather make a custom graph for this case and get the effect applied by default.

Thank you!

Thanks @joeld42 for the detailed feature request! I’ve slightly altered the original post so that it follows our feature request template.

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