Feature Request: Search by used nodes

May be a bit early for a “feature request” since its not even officially released yet and I´m also not sure if thats something that could be done easily:

I´m just starting out with the node graph and was hoping I could dissect some existing graphs to get a head start, so here are two questions:

  1. Is the polyverse just for assets like meshes or materials with textures, or is it planned to also make custom nodes/filters/generators built in the graph available through the polyverse? I noticed you can currently download as json or usd, whats the plans for the future here (download as exported tetxures/original instamat files etc?)
  2. IF the latter is planned as well:
    Do you think it would be possible to either let the user tag their uploads with some graphs they used or have the uploads automatically scanned for nodes and add tags to it, that could be searchable?

I imagine at some point when the user base is really big, I could then just search for “guided scatter” and find all assets that were built with that, could also help me figure out if something I need has already been custom built by someone else.

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Thanks for checking out Polyverse!

  1. Polyverse is for much more than just materials and meshes. You can already store images, binary data, json and more. One of the design goals for PV is to become the ultimate Digital Asset Management (DAM) for 3D/immersive/rich-media projects. The materials you’re browsing are most likely imported as flat textures, if you use one of our integrations, you could use all those materials as-is, directly converted to your DCC. Can we store MAT packages? Yes, this feature is going to be available very soon. Even more, you won’t be able to just store them, you will be able to run them directly in the Polyverse without MAT installed. All packages will be automatically created to Polytrons, small services to execute data. Check out the info page here: Abstract Polyverse
  2. You can link variants, I think that could be something to do here. Also, tags are natively supported. But if we do it automatically, I think it could quickly become unscalable, e.g. search for the use of a blend-node. But it’s something to keep in mind. I think it’s a good case for a feature-request for people to vote on at some point :slight_smile:

True, but it’s also a case where it would probably show every single material in the Polyverse :smiley: The search results would not have a lot of merit at that point.

Yeah, I figured that might become a problem too…:slight_smile:
Probably better to let users tag it, if they think its worth mentioning that their node is a “supercharged guided scatter variant”, I will still be able to find it without cluttering it with unnecessary tags…

I just generally appreciate smart searches, that let you find stuff you don´t have to spell exactly right.
Thats one of the things I love about llms…they are so much better at guessing what you actually mean, when you try to describe what you´re trying to do…:slight_smile:

Looking forward to the launch!

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