Feedback for CAD Conversion use case

I was kindly granted early access to Polyverse to see if it fits my use case. I was especially interested in setting up a Polytron Pipeline to batch process a large number of CAD models automatically at certain intervals. At the time of writing the Polyverse service is still in-development and some functionalities that are important for my use case are not yet implemented it seems. But still, I can see a lot of potential in the Polyverse and I will keep my eye on it for future projects.

Here are some random suggestions and feedback I put together after testing Polyverse for ~1 hour:

Pipeline Editor

  • Changes to a pipeline can not be tested or saved. This should be stated in the first line in the green info box on top in bold letters. Very unfortunate after spending half an hour setting up a pipeline and then realizing there is no way to test or save it.
  • Adding Polytrons via quicksearch only is not ideal. A list plus filters would be a great alternative. Or at least a quicksearch with “instant feedback” based on the entered letters (like in Houdini or Blender).
  • The quicksearch seems to be not working correctly. For instance searching for “uv” or “UV” does not reveal any results despite the Polytrons “Mesh UV Pack” and “Mesh UV Unwrap” exist.
  • Unclear how to add a Polytron from the quicksearch. Double clicking on the Polytron name is not explained anywhere. An “Add” button might be good idea.
  • Unclear how to horizontally reposition a Polytron to change the order of processing.
  • Unclear how to connect Polytrons. Clicking on connect without having a visual “rubber band” afterwards is a bit confusing compared to other tools.


  • An option for saving “polytron presets” would be great
  • CAD to 3D Conversion. Changing the Up- Axis from Y to Z does not have any effect (tested with two different STEP files).

Hello @edgeloop and welcome to the community!

Thanks for checking out Polyverse at such an early time. Did you also have time to try the Digital Asset Management portion of Polyverse? You can create private and public libraries to store your 3D content, from materials to CAD/3D files and binary data.

RE Pipeline Editor, it’s very early and the current functionality in the front-end only servers the purpose to demonstrating how a pipeline could be built.

  • Adding the note is a good idea, I’ve created a ticket for it!
  • The feedback for quick-search is appreciated, the current implementation is very basic and only aims to get the user started. If you want to experience how quick-search (and connections) work when fully implemented, check out InstaMAT Studio!
  • Features to reposition will become available soon.

Our aim for the Polyverse Pipeline editor is to keep is more lightweight compared to full node/graph-based editing like seen in InstaMAT Studio.

RE Polytrons, we have plans for Polytron presets, the way this works is to simply archive a previous Polytron execution and give it a particular name. This way you can always reuse it as starting template.
Thanks for the report on the CAD Y/Z issue, can you share a file we can use for to reproduce the issue?


Thanks for the reply and and the additional information in regards to the current state of the Pipeline Editor.

As for the up-axis issue I encountered, I created a test file and saved it out as 3 different common CAD formats. I was not able to attach those files here as only images are permitted it seems. So instead I share them via a zip file in this link.

Hope it helps. Cheers, Alexander

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Thanks for including the file! We have been able to isolate the issue and fix it, axis selection will be properly working with the next deployment:

Using the CAD to 3D Polytron with “Z” as the up-axis.