Full-screen mode

Full-screen mode
Floating panels related to selected nodes, accessible via right-click on a node, or pressing specific keys while a node is selected (maybe “1 to 6” instead of “1 to 4 & shift 1-2”)


Less mouse movement overall, especially on wider screens, results in workflow speed increase.
Canvas space would be increased and uncluttered.

Implementation Details

Mat Library, Package Management, Viewport Settings, Show Viewport, Graph Object Editor & Graph Variable Editor could be available as floating windows

Choosing such workflow would disable both left & right sidebars.

Could be extended to grab other elements, like Output Log.

Behavior should be similar to how Mesh Baking opens, with the following caveat:
Users should have available a choice on where the float window will popup, related to the node or to the mouse, with a few options: top-left, bottom-left, top-right, bottom-right. Otherwise, each floating window could remember the last position where the user placed it, in relation to the mouse or node, or even fixed on screen.

Could add a floating window for all the buttons that are on the top-bar at the moment.

Thanks @lupsavalentin for your feature request and welcome to our community!