Godot Integration!

I saw you did a reponse to a Youtube comment that if/when there would be enough demand about it, you would think about Godot Integration


I think there definitely surely be people that will be interested in the possibility to add an easy integration of InstaMAT in the pipeline and Workflow, (at least, I know I am!) since the engine grows more and more, but also from solo/indie dev perspective, so here to express my interest!

Implementation Details

An integration of InstaMAT for Godot must be done, it should follow the features of other integrations (e.g. to load packages and execute MAT projects)


Welcome to the community @Erynsen !

Thanks for making the post, the post count on it can serve as a good indicator for the demand for a Godot integration. Let’s see how many people request it through this thread over time.


Switched recently also to Godot, would be awesome to have a Integration for it. :slight_smile:

Just got this, (probably found from the same YouTube). definitely interested in Godot integration.

I’ve moved this post to feature requests!

I have edited the OP to meet the category requirements.


Just to clarify, while there is some ability to take materials from Blender into Godot, it seems like a little gets lost in the translation when you do this. I always have better results when I do not import the texture and instead create it in Godot.

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I’d also love a Godot integration

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