Hi do I unassigned a material from the viewport?

After assigning a material in the element graph to a mesh material in the viewport using the viewport assign material node I cannot unassign it. I tried deleting the node but the viewport remains unchanged. I tried right clicking on another material and selecting view in 3D viewport, but the viewport remains unchanged. The only idea I have left is to try the clear material node, but it seems strange to have to use a clear material node, rather than removing the node that assigned it, much less after already removing the node that assigned it.

That’s the tricky part with nodes, the execution is constant. And the graph is only partially re-executed for the things that changed. Thus the state has to be globally preserved.

Two options here:

  • Assign a default material, and then just delete the node.
  • Delete the node, then tab out of your project and back in, or close the tab and reload it.

hi @voidberg, i do not fully understand the first of your suggestions. i tried first throwing down a material and assigning it to the whole mesh using the right click method, then throwing down a material assign viewport, and assigning it to a mesh material. then i delete the material assign viewport node. the viewport looks the same. then i deleted the initial material that was assign to the entire mesh. the material is removed form the mesh that did not have the martial assigned though the material assign viewport node, but the material that was is still visible in the viewport.

that being said, your second option worked. i just had to rechoose my custom mesh after tabbing back.

could you elaborate more on the partial re-execution of the graph? when is the graph partially re-executed and when are there latent changes? is there a command to fully re-execute the graph? i am familiar with node based workflows from using substance designer, blender, unity, unreal and houdini and most graphs update when nodes are added and deleted, with the exception of houdini’s new APEX stuff. it would be helpful to know when things update, so i can know if i am doing something wrong or the graph has not been fully executed.

thanks again @voidberg!