How to get materials from Polyverse into InstaMAT

I am a Pioneer InstaMAT user.
Can I download and utilize the assets that are publicly available on Polyverse with InstaMAT? When I try to download a material, my experience is as follows: I can download a JSON file, but it doesn’t seem to store any graph data. I’m curious about the purpose of downloading these JSON files if they don’t contain graph data.

Hello @timurproko and welcome to our community!

The materials currently shared in the “Incredible Materials” library on Polyverse are part of InstaMAT Studio’s built-in material library. You can find them in the MAT Library panel on the left under the Materials category and use them right away. You can also use them in InstaMAT’s integrations.

Regarding the JSON files, materials stored in Polyverse are stored as definitions. This makes it possible to use them in many DCCs and game engines where configurations vary per application.

Polyverse is currently in Early Access and the integration for InstaMAT Studio is not available yet. However, when it is it will be possible to download new nodes, meshes and functionality for InstaMAT Studio. As for now, you can already login to Polyverse and start uploading your assets, materials and more for free!

Thanks for the swift reply! That clears things up about the materials and JSON files. Looking forward to when the InstaMAT Studio integration becomes available on Polyverse. Appreciate the info!

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