How to turn on transparency options to create a glass object?

I recently downloaded instamat and am learning to use it. I’m already getting the hang of texturing, painting and masking, but I can’t find anywhere how to create glass. I don’t see a material or transparency option or anything like that anywhere. On the right side in the options I only see base color, metalness, roughness, height and normal. Tutorials on yt are also few and none about glass. Can anyone help me?

Hello @funiasta and welcome to our community,

In the Layering Project Editor panel it is possible to add an Opacity channel with the Add Channel button, however currently InstaMAT’s viewport uses opacity for the entire material. A workaround could be to add a Mask channel instead and use it as opacity later. Please note that a mask channel is binary and for it to take effect in the viewport, values must be either fully black or white.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions. :blush:


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