I have a problem with my GPU (GTX 780M) The program keeps shutting down, when Layering-Template

Also, some materials (e.g., adding Materialize Photos) generate a GPU issue with the following message:

(render) Async render blocked
Drop: MaterializePhotos on <root>
Fragment info
0(47) : error C7024: Unreachable statement in switch body
ERROR: Failed to program GPU for Element=(ElementEntity 'Channel Swizzle' c99509ab-24a9-4881-8f3d-b337e74cdc55)
ERROR: Failed to compile GPU program for Element='Channel Swizzle'
ERROR: Exiting render thread for graph='MaterializePhotos' (Reason: Rendering error)
ERROR: Exiting render thread for graph='Unnamed Layering Project' (Reason: Rendering error)

Does anyone know what might be the reason?

Hello @Ityto and welcome to our community! I’ll relay this internally and provide additional information once it becomes available.

In the meantime, do you know if there are newer drivers available for your GPU?


Hello again @Ityto,

This error may be due to it being an older GPU. Installing newer drivers might fix the issue, however if there are not any available it might be because of the GPU’s age and support.