I have a problem with my GPU (GTX 780M). The program keeps shutting down, when Layering-Templete

Also, some materials (e.g., adding Materialize Photos) generate a GPU issue with the following message:

(render) Async render blocked
Drop: MaterializePhotos on <root>
Fragment info
0(47) : error C7024: Unreachable statement in switch body
ERROR: Failed to program GPU for Element=(ElementEntity 'Channel Swizzle' c99509ab-24a9-4881-8f3d-b337e74cdc55)
ERROR: Failed to compile GPU program for Element='Channel Swizzle'
ERROR: Exiting render thread for graph='MaterializePhotos' (Reason: Rendering error)
ERROR: Exiting render thread for graph='Unnamed Layering Project' (Reason: Rendering error)

Does anyone know what might be the reason?

Closing this topic as it appears to be a duplicate.