Important feature request

Hi all! I’ve been riding the high-poly-to-low-poly mesh baking for a while and found out that the process of baking solidified thin models takes lots of dances with the inward and outward ray length settings to get the job done. So here I am, suggesting that you, the engineers of this awesome studio, give us a way to visualize the ray length in both directions differently colorized right in the mesh viewport to see any overshootings and thus make our lives great again (no Trump intended).

Welcome to the community @Denisius

I think that’s a great idea and there are already a lot of things that are planned such as the ability to paint to straighten bake normals.

I recommend posting a feature requests in the appropriate forum here, make sure to follow our format properly.

It’s encouraging to hear! Thank you in advance! Next time gonna force myself to find the proper place for requesting.

And by the way, what do you think about building mesh distance fields in a baking subroutine and further matching the nearest points of the source and target meshes to steal normal data, etc., and bake into maps? It would be one of those smart-like killer features some guys are already demanding in the forum.

I think MAT is already full of those :smiley: The list is too long for me to comprehend it all.
But you’re welcome to make a feature-request.

I don’t think that’s how it works here though. In our community, friendly users can make polite feature requests that will be considered. If you want to demand something, then you have to be on the board of Abstract.

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