Improved Curves Node UI

This is a set of suggested improvements for the Curves Node UI.


Probably one of the most used nodes that can be extremely sensitive to small changes which affect the results in a substantial way. It also takes a lot of clicks and, unfortunately, misclicks to get things done.

Implementation Details

1] Add quick actions (allow for shortcut editing) for all the icons in the curve editor, especially reset and handle controls. Or at least assign some shortcuts beyond the type switching.

2] When switching back and forth between bezier and linear (straight line) interpolation the handles get stacked on top of the curve point which makes it impossible to move the point below them without dragging the bezier handles. I would like to have something like a number of clicks prioritization, i.e. the first click the point itself, the second the left handle, the third the right one. Or some other solution but definitely needs a bit of help there. :slight_smile:

3] Would be nice to be able to save curve presets. I understand I can do this myself with switches and enums and create a custom node but some automation would be nice. :slight_smile:

Thanks you for considering these! :smiley:

Thanks @DKNSDSGN for your feature request!