InstaCrash on InstaLOD init

Hello, I’m having trouble getting the UE5 plugin to run on either 5.2 or the updated 5.3 version posted below, so I imagine I am doing something wrong. My error pops up when instaLod attempts to do anything, including opening a skeletal mesh. Error is as follows (on 5.3, similar on 5.2):

Assertion failed: BaseLOD […] \InstaLODMeshReduction\Private\InstaLOD\InstaLOD.cpp] [Line: 1908]


Line 1908 seems to just be the plugin checking the mesh base LOD. Wondering if I’m missing something obvious. Thank you for your time.

Hello @JasonShafer and welcome to our community!

I have brought this up internally to investigate the issue.