InstaLOD for unity Remesh crashes when using custom shaders

I’m currently testing InstaLOD (latest release) for Unity (versione 2022.3.10) and it’s really an incredible tool! The Remesh tool works great when using a simple custom shader made in shadergraph, but crashes instantly when using some more advanced operations. For example when using simple textures samples multiplied by some parameters and hooked to the output shadergraph, InstaLOD have no issues in converting the mesh and creating a combined material. When I put more nodes like vertex color multiplications etc. InstalLOD crashes Unity as soon as I click the “Remesh” button. Could be a bug, or should be something expected? What are the limitations in terms of what InstaLOD can interpret as far as ShaderGraph code?

I can post detailed examples obviously.

Thanks in advance,


Hello Marco,

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Unfortunately, InstaLOD for Unity does not support custom shaders by default. InstaLOD for Unity cannot resolve texture data modified through shader operations, and this might cause the crash you encountered. We will look into this to determine whether it is feasible to add support here.

Nevertheless, we will fix the crash bug in an upcoming update.



Hi Andreas -

When you say it doesn’t support custom shaders by default, do you mean it doesn’t support custom shaders at all? We don’t use the default shaders in our game at all.