Instamat crashes when I import large FBX files

the title says it all Instamat Crashes when I upload an FBX that 2.3 something mil exported from Zbrush using the FBX export plugin in binary, I wanted to upload the file but there I cannot attach FBX here but the file is 230 mbp

Hello @yyup and welcome to the forum!

It should not be related to size, we’re loading large meshes with many UDIMs. We’ve gotten incompatibility reports from some apps if no materials are assigned. If you’re able to upload the mesh we might be able to fix it quickly! Maybe you can upload it to OneDrive, Dropbox or any other hoster?

this is the mesh exported from Zbrush it does not work in instamat

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Thanks @yyup - as discussed on Discord, it appears to work for you if you re-export this via Maya or Blender instead, right?

yes correct it works after I goz to either software

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@yyup I was not able to reproduce this with your mesh using the public build, can you attach a video or GIF that shows how to reproduce? Or can you provide clear steps?

We were able to reproduce this. It happens if you copy an ASCII based FBX to a package. This will be fixed in the upcoming build.

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