InstaMAT's Layering Fundamentals: A Deep Dive into Layering Concepts

Dive deep into foundational concepts around texturing assets using InstaMAT Studio’s Layering project type. Layering provides a creative and artistic approach to asset texturing by allowing you to apply textures, materials, and effects to an asset one layer at a time like coats of paint. Layering is procedural and non-destructive, which means that if you change your asset it will not break your texturing. This also means that while you add layers to your project, you are also creating a procedural recipe that can be applied to thousands of assets. By the end of this video you will have a fundamental understanding of the entire texturing process. This includes baking mesh maps, applying materials from InstaMAT’s high-quality material library, and scaling your Layering project to texture not just one asset, but an entire class!

Download the project file here: Sci-Fi Crate.IMP (94.7 KB)

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