Is a monthly paid InstaMAT plan cancellable in the middle of the term?

Can I cancel a Seat Licenses monthly license after using it for only one month?
If I cancel, will I only have to pay for one month and not pay for the remaining 11 months?
I want to try out the features of InstaMAT Pipeline right away, and would like to sign up for a one-month subscription plan (the trial version takes time to authenticate. I need to try out the features right away).

According to the official website, all InstaMAT subscriptions are annual. This means that if you cancel in the middle of the term, it will still run until the 12 month cycle is over.

In your case, I recommend signing up for a regular evaluation by clicking “Evaluate Now” at the following link: Pricing – InstaMAT


Thank you for the advice.
As per your advice, I will wait for your reply regarding the certification of the evaluation version.