Is there a way to move all the downstream nodes together?

For example, I have a reroute node like this:

Now I add a new node between Slop Blur and the reroute node:

Ugly, right? The new Blend node is right above the reroute node, covering it completely.

I’d like to move the reroute node and all the downstream nodes to the right so there is enough space for a new node. I know I could Shift+Drag to box select them. But it’s very clumsy when there are a lot of nodes. Is there a better way?

Hello @raincole,

Thanks for your post.

The keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + Arrow Keys can shift nodes away based on the cursor position. This works for up and down as well.

CleanShot 2024-06-21 at 07.55.24

Hope this helps!

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Thank for the answer!

Is there a list of all the shortcuts for canvas orgnization? I checked this documentation Canvas Navigation | InstaMAT Documentation but it doesn’t mention CTRL+Arrow.

You’re very welcome! :blush:

There currently is not a compiled list of shortcuts for Canvas organization however I will mention this internally.

In the meantime, the status bar at the bottom is adaptive and displays relevant keyboard shortcuts. If you hold Cmd/Ctrl it will mention additional node organization shortcuts such as the ability to shift nodes with a contextual menu, and an option for the graph making room for nodes automatically when using Quick Search.