🚀 Livestream 29th Feb 24: InstaMAT Update Launch Party — What's new and changed? The launch of Integrations and Plugins!

:star: Today we’re bringing you:
Another big update for InstaMAT is going to be available. Packed with features and improvements, but even more! We’re going to launch the Plugins and Integrations so you can use InstaMAT features in tools such as Blender and Unreal Engine. Hang out with Manfred M. Nerurkar, CEO of Abstract, to take a look at the new update minutes before it hits the scene.
It’s on the 29th February so this one can only happen once every 4 years, don’t miss it! :partying_face:

:mega: Hosted by:
Manfred M. Nerurkar → CEO of Abstract

:alarm_clock: 29th February 2024 - Time Table:
— New York, US 12:00 / 12pm EST
— San Francisco, US 09:00 / 9am PST
— London, UK 17:00 CET / 5pm GMT
— Stuttgart , Germany 18:00 / 6pm CET

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